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Every superyacht needs to be equipped with a mooring system. At Mooring Yachts we believe every vessel is unique. Whether your yacht is a luxury sailing or motor yacht, a new build or ready for a refit. By combining our expertise and database with your request, we can provide you with the most sustainable mooring lines. Handmade, quality and finished with the most luxury detailing are our standards.
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We understand the time-pressure our customers sometimes have. To avoid long delivery times we keep the most common ropes on high stock level. This way we deliver quick and have competitive prices. We ship worldwide. You can find our mooring system in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the UAE.

Custom made Mooring Systems

As unique as the vessels and tenders are as unique are our produced mooring lines. We have standard finishes, but if needed we deliver custom made details. We are a premium partner of Gleistein and our well experienced splicers have knowledge of the best materials. 

Beside mooring lines we deliver tenderlines, storm mooring lines and storm drogues. Get in touch with us for more information.
mooring line GeoTwin

produced with love and craftmanship.

Mooring Line

Mooring Line Gleistein GeoTwinPES
Traditional polyester or polyamid(e) mooring lines are heavy and thick, made of conventional fibers and are elastic to effectively absorb shock loads. These lines get to work while the yacht rests. The loads caused by the constant swell of the water are te predominant cause for wear and tear of mooring lines. It is important to replace them regularly.

The polyester lines are less expensive, have to be a bit thicker, but worldwide the most used ones.

Mooring Line

FLX Mooring System Gleistein
The combination of Dyneema mooring line and Polyester stretchers is a durable solution.  The shocks are absorbed by the inexpensive and easy-to-replace stretchers. These stretchers (or tails) act as a sacrificial element to do the "dirty work". The main mooring line is effectively protected and can be used many more years than the traditional mooring lines.

As Dyneema is strong, the line can be thinner and lighter. This way it saves space in the vessel.

Mooring Line



GeoOne Mooring Yachts
With a round plait the alone-standing load bearing braid determines the technical properties. It functions without a core.

Less flexible than GeoTwin, but balance elongation properties for comfortable mooring. Abrasion-resistant polyester, 12-strand round braid from HT Polyester with GeoGard Marine Finish. Good mooring line. Due to good grip in cleats also suitable for other purposes.


GeoTwin Mooring Yachts
In a double braid rope, the core and cover share the load equally, even though applications may vary considerably.

Permanently flexible with balanced elongation properties for comfortable mooring. Excellent abrasion-resistant polyester double braid with long service life and very high strength. Water-reppelant, high-quality mooring line for exacting demands. 


GeoSquare Mooring Yachts
In a square plait rope, eight strands are interwoven to form a roughly quadratic cross-section. Robust and good grip.

Extremely robust and durable without hardening. Best UV resistance. The grippy GeoSquare is torsion-free, easy to splice and offers good grip on polished bollards. Excellent mooring line, also suitable as anchor warp due to its sag line in water.

Mooring Line


1. Main line

Both X-Twin as MegaTwin Flexx are a core dependent rope. The interior core bears the entire load. The role of the cover is to protect the core from abrasion and other potential damage.


X-Twin Mooring Yachts
Extremely strong rope thanks to the Dyneema SK78 core and braided polyester cover.

The X-Twin® is a very stiff rope and has a very high breaking load which makes it possible to use smaller diameters. Because of the small polyester cover the abrasion resistance of the MegaTwin Flex is better.

MegaTwin Flex®

MegaTwin Flexx Mooring Yachts
Maximum service life and strength thanks to Dyneema SK78 core and polyester cover.

Easy handling thanks to a construction specially tailored to suit the specific needs of the application. Optimised for flawless deployment as a main mooring line. Bigger cover for better abrasion resistance in sharp bending areas like fairleads.

2. Stretcher

Stretcher GeoTwin

GeoTwin Mooring Yachts
Permanently flexible with balanced elongation properties for comfortable mooring.

Excellent abrasion-resistant polyester double braid with long service life and very high strength.

Water-reppelant, high-quality stretcher for exacting demands. 

MegaTwin Flex with GeoTwin Polyester

Specifications of the rope with stretcher

Main mooring line
MegaTwin Flex
Main mooring line
MegaTwin Flex
Main mooring line
MegaTwin Flex
(kg/100 m)
Stretcher Assoc. tail as grommet 4m
GeoTwin Polyester
Stretcher Assoc. tail as grommet 4m
GeoTwin Polyester
Breaking load in loop
Stretcher Assoc. tail as grommet 4m
GeoTwin Polyester
Weight 4m tail
18 119,50 17,70 20 136,00 5
20 143,00 21,00 24 184,00 7
22 167,50 24,30 26 216,00 8
24 191,50 25,80 28 252,80 9
26 243,00 32,50 30 284,80 11
28 308,50 40,50 36 419,20 16
30 360,00 46,50 36 419,20 16
32 437,00 54,00 40 521,60 19
34 477,00 60,00 44 608,00 24
36 577,50 68,60 48 728,00 28
38 634,00 77,70 52 856,00 33
40 654,00 84,60 52 856,00 33

Extra's to add

To protect your ropes from shaving and damaging, you can use the Chafe Guard protections products to extend the lifespan of you line. Here you can fine our multiple options. 
NFC-Chip-Gleistein_400x300 - Mooring Yachts
Thanks to the integration  of the latest NFC (Near Field Communication) technology in the rope, all relevant information is now at your fingertips. A simple contactless scan is all that you needed to have information displayed on any Android or iOS smartphone.


If you have multiple lengths, it can be very handy to add leather labels to your rope with the length on it. These labels are stitched to your rope.

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