Mooring a superyacht is not only about using mooring lines. There are several mooring accessories which help the crew to dock the vessel safely. We deliver stopperlines, fenderlines, heavinglines, snubberlines and lines for tender whips. Every yacht has specific needs. Let us know what you need! 


If you take a loaded mooring line just out of the winch, it will fly out which lead to a dangerous situation. Our stopper lines help you loose the mooring lines in a save way. The stopperline is used to secure a loaded mooring line onto a cleat from a heavily loaded winch.

The stopper lines should be strong enough to support the loads. It has one eye spliced which goes over the cleat and on the other end you attach it to the mooring line with a hitch and 5 or 6 tight loops.
Superyacht docking


Fenders have to protect your boat against damage while you are mooring and moored. We deliver our fender lines to your needs. The most used materials are polypropylene and polyester. The polyester ropes are twisted or can be delivered in the luxury double braided version.

On one side we splice a loop to your needs and on the other side we finish the rope with a nice whipping knot. The length of the rope depends on the yacht.

You can now add NFC chips to your fenderlines to have instant access to the precise rope specification.

NFC chips

You can now add NFC chips to your fenderlines to have instant access to the precise rope specification.

Heaving lines

A heaving line is a light rope used to get a mooring line ashore when mooring your superyacht to a dock. We deliver high quality and well finished heaving lines in the lengths you need.

Most heaving lines have a diameter of 8mm and are a polyester 3-strand or double-braided line to match the structure of the mooring line. If it needs to float, a polypropylene rope is a good option.

To make sure the line reaches the shore it is important to add weight at one end. We deliver custom-made leather sandbags or monkeyfists. These mooring accessories help you to moor safely.
Heaving - Weights - C-Guard - Carl Stahl Benelux
snubberline Mooring Yachts

Snubber lines

An anchor snubber is essential if you've got an all-chain rode. The snubber line is used to secure your anchor chain and takes the load off the windlass.

As the snubberline works as a shock absorber, it needs to be able to stretch  A 3-strand nylon rope is commonly used as snubberline, but a 8-strand is even better. The longer the snubber, the more it will stretch.

Depending on your needs we finish the ropes with or without special hooks or loops.

Tender whips

Tender whips keep tenders at a safe distance from the superyacht. There are several suppliers of tender whips. We supply the custom made rope assemblies. 

Depending on the setup we deliver ropes to your needs. If needed we splice shackles or special fittings onto the ropes.

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