for lifting

for lifting

Ropes are used for lifting purposes on several applications on superyachts. Crane-lifting lines are ropes for lifting for example tenders. For new cranes we deliver the best ropes, but during refits or maintenance of the crane the ropes are also renewed. We deliver custom-made ropes for lifting purposes mostly with Gleistein GeoBend. If needed we deliver it with Tylaska schackles.  
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Crane-lifting lines

Most superyachts have crane lifts on board. Sliding beam cranes or deck cranes are the most common ones. These cranes are ideal for hoisting equipment such as tenders, submarines or jet skis from or to the superyacht.

To lift the equipment Dyneema ropes are used in combination with a hook or shackle. We produce custom-made lifting lines and if needed we deliver them in combination with Tylaska shackles.


Tylaska's SS series are CE marked lifting hooks. They are highly polished and made of 17-4 PH stainless steel with a robust plunger pin.

The SS20L is available with a standard bail and with a clevis Bail. The bigger SS40L is only available with the standard bail.

The SS20L and SS40 both meet the requirements to be safely used as lifting accessories as laid out in European Commission's Machinery Directive 2006/42.


(with standard bail)


(with clevis bail)
tylaska table


DynaOneHS GeoBend is a braided 12-plait made of Dyneema SK78 fibers combined with GeoBend fibre. The rope is heat set for better strength and minimized construction stretch. It has a special Geoflex coating finish.

- Very good abrasion resistance
- Excellent UV resistance
- German Lloyds certified davit rope

ropes for lifting

Tender lifting loops

Especially for tenders we can provide you with tender lifting loops. As the name suggests, these tender lifting loops are custom-made to ease lifting tenders on board on a safe and secure way. 

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