Whether towing a small rib, a luxurious tender or several toys it is important to have the right towing lines on board. We make custom made towing lines which suit the specific needs. Get in touch with us for your tender towing line or toy line.

Tender towing line

Most yachts have tenders on board which are lifted with cranes. However, an increasing number of superyachts are towing the tenders. Every vessel has an (cheap and floating) emergency towing line but the tender towing line can replace it. Towing a tender is an easy way of transporting the tender without having to get it out of the water with the crane. This is also an opportunity to take along big tenders which don't fit inside the yacht.

We deliver custom made tender towing lines. Call us for advise or send us your inquiry.

Toy line

Every superyacht has his own toys aboard. Once they are in the water they need to be moored with a toy line.

Most toy lines are floating lines with a bright color for good visibility. Also bright buoys are used for a better overview.

We help you to customize your toy line. Call us for your inquiries. 
towing toys Mooring Yachts

Towing lines

Every vessel has his own needs if it comes to towing lines. Depending on your needs we can advise you about the best ropes and finishes. 
Tender towingline - Carl Stahl
Floating tender towing line
sleeplijn superyacht - Carl Stahl
Yellow Halyard

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