About us

We believe that every detail of a superyacht should meet the aesthetics and quality of the yacht.
– Mooring Yachts
This philosophy forms the foundation of our brand and it inspires us why we only want to deliver the best materials. We truly believe that you will get the best experience if every part, how small or big it is, will fit perfectly into the superyacht. Not just fine, but perfectly.

Highest quality, custom-made products

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since 1997

Mooring Yachts is founded by Carl Stahl Benelux B.V. to be able to fully meet the needs, wishes and aesthetics of the superyacht industry.  

Carl Stahl Benelux was established in 1997 and is part of the Carl Stahl Group. We started as a rope and stainless steel wire specialist for the marine industry. Over the years we have produced and delivered thousands of mooring lines worldwide for the superyacht industry. It took a few years before we decided to expand our love for the yachting industry and to start Mooring Yachts. 

is our middle name

With our people, knowledge, materials and production area we are there for you! With our expertise we are able to produce the highest quality, custom-made products like mooring lines, lifting ropes and more. We make sure that you moor safely.

Thanks to our big stock and great partnership with Gleistein, we can deliver on short notice. And besides that, we know that the seas are there to discover, so we deliver all over the world, at any port, yard or sea.

We deliver all over the world
at any port, yard or sea

Perfect conditions

Our splicers have over 30 years of experience splicing ropes. In our warehouse we have built two long tables  to produce mooring lines as efficient as possible. If you are nearby the Port of Amsterdam pass by at our office and check out how we produce your mooring lines.
Splicing a mooring line - Mooring Yachts
Mooring Yachts, Tom van Oossanen, Port of Amsterdam, Amsterdam superyacht, motor yacht

Port of Amsterdam

We are happy to welcome you in our office and warehouse just a few minutes away from the Port of Amsterdam. Here we produce any custom-made product with love, care and craftsmanship. We are pleased to show you our workshop and listen to your wishes in our lounge area. Our opening hours are from 8.00 till 17.00u. You can step by, or you can make an appointment for an (online) meeting with one of our specialists. Just sent us an email (info@mooring-yachts.com) or call us at +31(0)75 631 85 36.
Sewing machine for finishing leather cover for mooring lines - Mooring Yachts
Table football with team at the office - Mooring Yachts
Lounge area with table football - Mooring Yachts
Cable production - Mooring Yachts

Meet the team

Timo profielfoto - Carl Stahl Benelux
Timo has a lot of experience in the field of rigging and has spliced aboard on many yachts. He knows every technical detail of our products and he is responsible for the sales team of Mooring Yachts.
Lars profielfoto - Carl Stahl Benelux
Lars is the managing director at Mooring Yachts and especially active in the South European market. 
Jennifer is making sure that each media platform is shipshape. Her goal is to put the customer always at the heart of the service.
Joost profielfoto - Carl Stahl Benelux
Joost is our professional splicer.  He is making sure that we finish our ropes with the most luxury detailing. 
Floris profielfoto - Carl Stahl Benelux
Head of
Floris has a lot of experience in the field of rigging as he has rigged on the coolest yachts across the world.
Tim profielfoto - Carl Stahl Benelux
Tim is the man of numbers. He is responsible for the debtors and creditors. 
Boris Alfie profielfoto - Carl Stahl Benelux
Boris Alfie
Boris, or Alfie, goes by two names and is Jennifer's loving labrador. Boris is way too happy when he can welcomes you at the door.