Keeps you in the know

Thanks to the integration of the latest NFC (Near Field Communication) technology in the rope, all relevant information is now at your fingertips. A simple contactless scan is all that you needed to have the information displayed on any Adroid or iOS smartphone.

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NFC-Chip-Gleistein_400x300 - Mooring Yachts
The crew can now enjoy instant access to the precise rope specifications wherever you are in the world, ensuring maximum safety and protection in all situations, including routine servicing or necessary replacements.

The NFC tag delivers information on:

  • Rope information including: type, length, diameter, (spliced) break load, Gleistein article number, production date, lot number
  • Recommended service intervals
  • Relevant certifications
  • Gleistein Ropes contact details
  • Link to installation advice (on some models)

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